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Study Group

Study Group, initially named as ‘Metanoia’ was setup by Professor A. K. Saran during his life time. Its beginning was made with the foundation in Lucknow of a modest Ashram where foreign and Indian seekers regularly come to be regaled by conversation, discourse and simple food presented by loving hands. Some of Saran’s publications under the auspices of the Samyag-vak Special Series of the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, Varanasi, were thoroughly discussed before their publication for a long period in these Metanoia meetings held every fortnightly at the Ashram.

After the establishment of Coomaraswamy Foundation, these meetings got their original momentum. The group has gone through various texts like, ‘Hindu Samskriti ka Swaroop’ (Form of Hindu Culture) by Swami Brahmananda, ‘Vidya Aur Vignan’ ( Science and Metaphysics) by Rene Guenon, Social Justice by Professor Raghuveer Singh and Herakleitos by the same author etc. At present the group has taken a mega project to revisit Western Philosophy, right from pre-Platonic Greek Philosophy along with Indian Philosophical Tradition.

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